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War Graves

"Went the day well?
We died and never knew.
But, went the day well or ill;
Freedom, we died for you."

The objective for this section is to record all war graves in the area with an individual photograph of each memorial. Additionally, contextual photographs will be used to illustrate the general position and attempt to convey the ambience of each burial ground. The photographs will be organised by location for phase 1 but an alphabetic index may be provided as part of phase 2.

The CWGC database will be used as the reference to determine the location and number of war graves in the area.

Compiling this section has been an emotional experience and no-one who browses the photographs and reads the inscriptions can fail to be moved by the youth and sacrifice of those who fell fighting for freedom. This section is respectfully dedicated to The Fallen.

Burial Grounds

St Peter's Kirkyard